Putting Patients First

The nervous system is amazingly complex.

But when it is damaged, the effect can be devastating. Even the smallest disturbances can have disabling consequences. Medical problems in this area are far more common than you might imagine. Both young and old people receive hospital treatment for conditions affecting the brain.

Neurofund does not finance the obscure backwaters of academic research.

The projects we fund are totally geared towards putting patients at the heart of everything we do. Whether it is in making breakthrough discoveries today or training the clinical researchers of tomorrow our goal is making people well again.


All research and development we finance is for the benefit of our patients.

For example:

  • Our work with monitoring, helps people with spinal cord injuries.
  • Our work with magnetic resonance spectroscopy helps people with brain tumours.
  • Our work with deep brain stimulation and radiofrequency lesioning helps people with Parkinson's disease 

We are continually seeking to ensure that the advances we fund reach patients in need.